The End of a Not So Fun Year

2017. Farewell. Goodbye. Let's not meet again. I'm fairly certain I'm not the only one thinking this year was not the best ever. I'm pretty thrilled to be saying "See Ya Never" to this year. For a lot of reasons. Politics. Stress. Anxiety. Heath. National crisis after National crisis. I think most of my friends... Continue Reading →

Pet Peeves

There are certain things that I, as a Type A personality, cannot handle. I try to act like they don't bother me, but let's be honest, deep inside I'm more than likely trying to calm myself down or attempting to not have a panic attack over said thing. This includes: 1. Being late. Time is... Continue Reading →

The Start of Something New

For years I blogged about my love of Cleveland. The things that were happening in the city, events, the sports teams (of course) and my weekend life. It was fun while it lasted. But the past two years I've realized I've sort of outgrown that blog. Don't get me wrong - I love Cleveland and... Continue Reading →

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