Refresh, Relax and Revital

Over the past few months, I’ve finally found my skincare home. Revital Health has completely changed my skincare routine. I found Revital through a few friends and ever since then I’ve committed to taking much better care of my skin.

Revital is woman-owned (which I love) and led. Dr. Labbad is a double board-certified physician and truly spends times with her patients to understand their habits or anything in their life that can impact their skin health. One of the first times I was at Revital, Dr. Labbad asked about my health and we discussed my thyroid and the impact that it has on my skin.

Screen Shot 2019-03-09 at 7.37.19 PM
Glow Life with Revital

Kristyn is my usual aesthetician and has completely helped to transform my skin. The first few times I went to Revital, I had a hydrating facial which immediately helped to moisturize my skin – even in the dead of Cleveland winter. She’s also spent time to help me put together a skin care routine using just a few products from PCA Skin. Twice a day I am using their cleansing bar, toner, serum and moisturizer and I can honestly say I have experienced a difference. My breakouts are minimal, my face is more hydrated and my skin feels smoother.

But my most favorite treatment so far? Dermal Infusion. It. Is. Amazing. In addition to exfoliating your face, it also infuses serums into your face (based on your specific needs…for me it tends to be hydrating). Due to my sensitive skin, the first hour or so my face is slightly red but within a few hours, I can see an immediate change in my skin. Glowing is the best way to describe it. No, it’s not painful at all and the most gratifying part of it (at least to me) was to see the “waste jar” at the end of the treatment which shows all of the imperfections, dry skin, oils, etc. that have been extracted from your face. Honestly, with the dull Cleveland winter this is the perfect treatment to make you feel a little luxury and a little glowy. I’m so excited to get my second treatment right before going on vacation in a few weeks.

Screen Shot 2019-03-09 at 7.38.49 PM
No foundation? Thanks Revital!

If you are looking for a medical spa (very different than your typical spa), be sure to check out Revital, Dr. Labbad and Kristyn.

What are you favorite treatments for your skin, especially in the winter months?

Disclaimer: I’m a brand ambassador for Revital Health and as such do receive discounts for treatments. All opinions are my own. 

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